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How Shikha Pandey is redefining the fearless brand of cricket?

The Indian seamer Shikha Pandey tried to defend the batters and said that the responsibility of the defeats against three-match series against England is a collective failure of the team. According to Pandey, everyone thinks about the three aspects of the game. So, in case the batters are unable to fetch runs, then the entire bowling unit needs to fight hard. The entire game as a department does not lag at all. She believes that thinking too much about what has happened will not help anyone.

Shikha is quite determined to cogitate about what can be done together as a team. For every run the batters score, the bowlers have to defend it. Accordingly, whatever runs the bowlers initially get, the batting team has to chase it. As a result, it’s not just the only department that is lagging. Thus, everyone in the team needs to get better in the rhythm.

Where does India stand?

So far, in the two one-day internationals, India has posted scores of 201/8 and 221. But, the key aspect of India’s low totals has been the slow approach during the middle overs. However, Pandey admitted that this was the key issue that is being discussed in every team meeting. Importantly, the team is now looking to change this approach of moving forward in the game.

Pandey, while talking about it, said that it is not some alien concept that nobody speaks about. She wants India to go ahead and play a fearless brand of cricket. Hence, everybody is now working towards it. Shikha adds that with this kind of build-up in the upcoming World Cup and the following games, there is going to be a positive attitude from India’s side.

Recognizing Good Cricketers

Very recently, Mithali Raj came in criticism for her slow approach. This was followed by Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur’s inability to score big. Despite all these, Pandey seems not to be too fussed about their lack of runs. She hopes that the good is going to come very soon. According to her, these batters are extremely good and they have achieved the title of world-class batters. Thus, she is quite optimistic that these cricketers will be back to help win the next game.

Shikha seems to be a big fan of wicketkeeper Taniya Bhatia’s work. She is in huge praise of her. Although India has been outplayed in all three international matches, Pandey is quite sure about the possibility of fortunes reversing later in the tour.

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