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Will Steve Smith rule himself out of the T20 World Cup?

Steve Smith is presently in the middle of a rehabilitation program for his injured left elbow. He wants to put himself in a position where he can create an impact. If this calls for not partaking in the World Cup, then he is ready to do that. During the Indian Premier League (IPL), he was on medications while playing. Every time he batted, he had to take some painkillers and anti-inflammatories. However, his condition came to the point where it wasn’t improving much and eventually got worse.


Smith said that he had made a bit of progress in the past few weeks. In fact, he even started some batting for ten minutes at a time. He said that his path for getting back to playing is gradually building up. He has been making slow progress every day starting from ten minutes to twelve minutes and fifteen minutes. Smith now wants to build up to forty-five minutes so that his medicos can believe that he is comfortable to play again.

His take on T20

According to Smith, if need arises, he is ready to rule himself out of the T20 World Cup. He wants this only to make himself fully fit for the Ashes series that falls later this year. Nevertheless, he remains hopeful of participating in both the World Cup and Ashes. He feels that there is still a bit of time to make a final decision. Although his progress is slow, he thinks that he is going okay.

The reason why he is prioritizing Ashes is that he wants to emulate what he has done in the last few Ashes series. Well, this came as a little surprising given the way how he has dominated the previous Ashes.

Why Ashes?

Smith seems to be quite annoyed by the fact that he cannot bat for long periods of time. For him, Ashes is the primary point of view and that’s why he wants to get fit slowly and gradually. For someone who wants to hit a million balls, this progress is comparatively hard. However, he understands that this sort of thing can take some time. Importantly, if he wants to get himself fit for the summer, then he must take these measures seriously.

The schedule for T20 WC is from October 17 and will continue till November 14. However, the first Ashes series will begin on December 8.

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